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Moxie Mingle at Stanneylands

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Moxie Mingle at Stanneylands

5th February 2018 | Written by Wendy Green | Categories : moxie mingles
Moxie Mingle at Stanneylands

Moxie first mingled at the Stanneylands almost a year ago – and we were blown away then. The building and interior were stunning and the landscape around it almost idyllic – despite its close proximity to the A34, the airport and civilisation generally. The Stanneylands really does deliver the best of both worlds. We could only imagine what the planned refurb would achieve – and couldn’t wait for our sneak preview and guided tour!

The re-imagined Stanneylands did NOT disappoint – far from it. Somehow, they’ve achieved the perfect juxtaposition of country hideaway and contemporary destination. We were welcomed into the Grill Room – one of several stylish yet comfortable areas within the hotel – with coffee and tea on tap to fuel the informal networking and general chat – and were also treated to delectable pastries. Many of us will be back to sample the food – or indeed for an event.

With Moxie, everyone’s welcome – no lock-outs, no limits and no constant demand for referrals. Moxie Mingle is networking for people who thought they hated networking or were too scared to try. As ever, Wendy handled the introductions, remembering (almost) everyone first time despite many, many new faces as befitting only the second Moxie of the year. We know for sure that valuable business was done – but, equally important, connections and fledgeling friendships were forged. That’s Moxie, in a nutshell.

Check out the photos here thanks to the lovely Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

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