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Moxie @ Chrome Motors, Woodford

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Moxie @ Chrome Motors, Woodford

30th July 2016 | Written by Wendy Green | Categories : moxie mingles
Moxie @ Chrome Motors, Woodford

On Wednesday 27 July, Moxie headed over to Chrome Motors’ new Woodford showroom this week, for the finally Moxie Mingle before the summer holiday.

Dan, Adrian and the rest of the Chrome team really looked after us, with an amazing spread of cakes, pastries and even fresh fruit – it didn’t take long for the carrot cake to disappear! Does that count as one of your five a day? Chrome already have an excellent reputation over in Macclesfield, and do fantastic work within the community, so we’re really excited that they’ve headed over our way now, too. The showroom is magnificent – bright, airy and with very welcome air conditioning – and the range of used cars superb. Chrome’s team really know their stuff and all appeared to enjoy their first Moxie – we hope to see some of them join us again in the autumn.

Adrian Bennett from Chrome Motors said

It was a pleasure and a privilege to host the recent Moxie Mingle at our showroom in Woodford.

Not knowing what the word Moxie meant, we asked Wendy for an explanation and she told us that Moxie meant energy, initiative, positive attitude and know-how. Words that we now know describe Wendy perfectly. Modern dictionaries expand on this with words like vigour, verve, pep, skill and determination. Words that we now know describe all Moxie Minglers.

The events themselves are designed to promote relaxed, friendly networking and there is no doubt that the Moxie Mingle here achieved all those aims. We enjoyed meeting everyone and found the whole experience uplifting.

Hopefully, every other Mingler feels the same and we look forward to seeing everyone again at the next event.

After the usual first half hour spent informally mingling and chatting we moved on to Wendy’s introductions – which as ever were (almost) 100% spot on. Another superb turn out, complete with yet more new-to-Moxie relaxed networkers, presented its own challenges but Wendy rose to it ably. We probably say it every time – but that’s because it’s true – but it really is wonderful to see newbies and ex-newbies becoming regulars. It’s equally wonderful to catch up with our regulars – regulars mean Moxie networking is getting it right.

Join us after your holidays – or summer in Abersoch!

  • Gusto, Didsbury – 7 September
  • Stopfordian/West Valley HQ – 22 September
  • Stockport Plaza – 4 October
  • Stanneylands Hotel – 22 October
  • The Metropolitan – 2 November

Have a wonderful summer.

Check out the photos of the event thanks to Chelsea Shoesmith Photography


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